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Why Yellow River Rare Coins

Welcome to Yellow River Rare In addition to our presence on the web, we have a brick & mortar location in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Richard “Dick” Quitmeyer is the principal owner of Yellow River Rare Coins, Inc.

Yellow River Rare Coins grew into a full time business from Dick’s childhood love of coin col-lecting back in the 1950’s when he was given his first Silver Dollar. Today he travels nationwide attending and setting up coin shows. He believes that there are 4 types of wealth: gold, silver, land and cattle. Dick also believes in diversification to take advantage of changing market con-ditions.

Yellow Rivers’ primary focus is Dated Gold and Early Type Coins for the collector or investor. However anything in currency or coins that is Key Date or has Eye Appeal is fair game. We try to maintain a full inventory ranging from inexpensive proof sets for the beginning collector to investment quality coins and precious metals for those who wish to diversify their portfolio and preserve wealth in our quickly changing financial climate. Our inventory list is varied, detailed and constantly changing. In addition to buying and selling, we are pleased to offer appraisals and trades, and we can make recommendations for high security storage and refining services. Our website offers information about our products and current market news.

The main asset of Yellow River Rare Coins is that we are a small company. This means that we can offer “one-on-one” individualized service based on your personal needs and requirements, whether buying or selling. If we don’t currently have a particular Key Date coin you need to complete your collection, we can search for you. We can help you with information about current market trends in precious metals investing so that you can make an informed decision. And lastly, Yellow River welcomes questions. If you have any questions, please see our contact in-formation page and don’t hesitate to contact us. Our personalized service means that you won’t wait long for an answer.

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