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Authenticating Rare Coins

Before opting to get a coin authenticated, make sure the coin is worth more than the cost to get it authenticated.

There are many convincing counterfeits in circulation, which are deceiving to the eye. With the number of forgeries on the rise, getting your coins authenticated might prove to be a good decision.  In addition, certain coins will be harder to sell, if they have not been professionally authenticated.

You can get your coins authenticated, graded and slabbed by a 3rd party. They will then be placed in a special certified holder for you, so they can be protected from deterioration. Slabbed coins keep their value over time and are a good way of demonstrating your coins are genuine.

Authentication gives your coins market appeal and the ability to sell slabbed coins at a premium. If you have a coin that is rare or a coin that is often thought of as a phony, it might be a good idea to get it authenticated.

When a coin is professionally graded, there will be little disagreement between the buyer and the seller, on the quality of each coin. For investment purposes, slabbing a coin would be a good decision, if you plan on selling it at a high price. Furthermore, authenticating your coins, will give them credibility, and preserve their value.

Regardless, it’s important to find a well-known reputable dealer, when buying your coins. Educate yourself about the coin you plan on authenticating and then determine, if it would be a good investment to pay for the service.

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