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buy-bullion-goldBullion is a bulk quality of a precious metal.  In addition to gold and silver, bullion is also made with platinum, palladium and copper.  Bullion is available in bar form and coin form. As a bulk quantity of a precious metal, its value is assessed by its weight.  Bullion, as a physical asset, can be an excellent way of diversifying your investment portfolio.  Gold or Silver Bullion follow the same valuation track as any type of gold or silver investment.  Platinum, Palladium and Copper may not be as well-known as Gold and Silver to most investors, but their track record can be easily researched.

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Bullion is often cast as an ingot or bar.  Size depends on the amount or weight of precious metal cast into the bar.  The larger bars producing by pouring molten metal into a mold are called ingots.  The size of the bar would determine whether it can be stored in a home safe or safe deposit box, or if high security off-site storage is required.

buy-silver-bullionBullion coins are minted from precious metal and their value is based on the amount of precious metal content.  These coins are mostly purchased for investment purposes.  Among the best known bullion coins the American Eagle Gold, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Australian Gold Nugget and the South African Krugerrand.  The U.S. Mint has produced Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion Coins since 1986 and guarantees their precious metal content.  They produce two types of coins; Proof Bullion Coins which are usually minted for the collector, and Uncirculated Bullion Coins, which are minted for investment purposes.  A Bullion Coin’s value lies in its precious metal content rather than its coin condition “grade”.

Diversification of your portfolio through investing in Bullion is desirable for the same reasons as investing in gold and silver.  As a physical asset, it is an excellent vehicle for diversification away from equities.  It can be held as a hedge against inflation as well as a means to preserve and pass on wealth.  At Yellow River Rare Coins, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your bullion investment whether you are a novice or an expert.  Our small company values of personalized service means you will get all your questions answered in a timely manner.  Our attention will be with you from the start to the finish of each transaction.  And we can even offer high security storage if required.

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