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Pre 1933 Gold Coins

1927.20.p63.37LGThese gold coins have a special value because they survived President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933  “Gold Confiscation Law ” that prohibited the private ownership of gold. Americans were ordered to surrender their gold coins under threat of imprisonment, and were given paper money for the same value.

Many of these pre 1933 gold coins remained in private collections, and usually trade at a higher price than the market price of their gold value.

Numismatic coins, minted by the US from 1795 through 1933, are considered a good investment opportunity, not only for its gold value, their historical meaning, and their relative scarcity for having survived the 1933 gold confiscation, and for the art of their design.

The US produced in a variety of denominations and weights. The “eagle” was the standard denomination with a $10 face value and an eagle on the reverse. The “half-eagle” was five dollars, a “quarter eagle”, $2.50, and a “double eagle” was introduced after the California gold rush, with a $20 face value.

What about International gold coins minted before 1933?

These coins provide the same economic value as Bullion bars and bullion coins, and were not included in the confiscation law. Usually these gold coins are priced a bit higher than bullion coins and are considered as collectible items. They were minted for use as currency in many countries and their historical value is a premium many buyers prefer over bullion or contemporary coins.

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