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How To Store Your Coin Collection

In order to preserve the rich history and value of your coins, you need to be careful on how you store them.  When starting a coin collection, it’s important to stay organized.

Coin collecting has become quite common.  Most convenience stores today, will carry inexpensive folders to exhibit and store your coins.  Unfortunately, folders typically only display one side of a coin.  If you decide to upgrade, you can choose to store them in an album.  An album will show both sides of each coin. In most cases, as your collection grows, you will be able to add additional pages to the album.

You may also want to use holders, if you think you might need to include more information about your coins.  There are many inexpensive holders, which you can use to start coin collecting.  You can also use paper envelopes to store rare coins. When using paper envelopes, make sure they are designed for coins or they might react with silver.

It’s important to store coins away from humidity, extreme cold or heat. Ideally, it’s preferable not to expose your coins to air.  Air will oxidize coins and could change their color.  If you decide to store your coin collection in a bank vault or a safe, make sure you place a silica gel pack inside the box.  The gel will absorb any humidity that could damage your coins.

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