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Liberty Seated Dollars

Seated Liberty Motif was issued in the United States across many denominations since its first production in 1792, including dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars, and the unusual twenty-cent piece. Some of these denominations were produced in very small quantities and collectors worldwide are always looking for the finest examples and specific varieties of the series.

The Seated Liberty Half Dollars series is based upon a painting of Liberty by American artist Thomas Sully, and as new productions were minted, the Seated Liberty image had small variations that include coins showing the Liberty goddess with a blank face, with rays or arrows added to denote a change in composition or weight, with drapery added at the elbow, and with a motto added on a scroll on the reverse of the coin.
The US mint produced twenty-cent pieces, silver dollars, dimes and quarters with the Liberty design from 1836 to 1891. The iconic design was also used for the important half dollar or fifty cent denomination for more than half a century. With a very large number of different issues by date and mint mark, collecting the series as a whole can be a very difficult task, even to the most dedicated collectors. Even if not pursuing a complete collection, the series does make for an interesting study, since it was produced across a number of different mint facilities and with slight alterations in design over the years.

The Liberty Seated Dollar

The value of these coins increases each year. For collectors, the rare series of Liberty seated dollar coins is a wonderful discovery. The coins date back as far as 1850 on which the Lady Liberty is seen seated on a rock as opposed to how she is seen today, in a standing position. When buying especially rare coins like the Liberty seated dollar, the feel and the appearance must be checked as well as the grade. The important things to note in order to make sure of the authenticity of the coin are the weight, appearance, edges and the mints. Always get an expert to confirm authenticity and value, before spending your well earned money.

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