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As a seasoned investor, you know that staying on top of the current market news is extremely important.  If you are a novice investor, this is something you will learn quickly.  In the same way you watch the news to track your stocks, bonds and mutual funds; Precious Metals must also be tracked.

This is the area of our website where we will keep you up-to-date with the current market news regarding all things gold and silver.  As a savvy investor with a diversified portfolio, or one who has just started to diversify, staying current with the market is extremely valuable and important.  Gold, Silver and Coins are subject to price and value fluctuations just as all investments are.  It’s always a good idea to do the research before jumping in and Yellow River is here to help.  We stay on top of the market news each day so that we can impart all the necessary information our clients need to make informed decisions.

Please remember that Gold & Silver and Rare & Collectible Coins are long term investments.  Fluctuations in value are common on a daily basis, but historically, over the long term, the value of your investment increases.  If you are here then you know that Precious Metals and Coins are an excellent hedge against inflation.  For preservation of wealth and the ability to pass it on, Precious Metals and Coins occupy an important spot in your portfolio.  They are also tangible, physical assets which most others are not.

Visit this page often.  Dick Quitmeyer and Yellow River Rare Coins are committed to keeping you current on the market news you need to know as well as offering you quality products and customer service that is second to none.



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