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New Gold Investor Information

Advice For The New Gold Investor

You can invest in gold in many ways. If you are interested in solid physical Gold, there are coins and bars of various sizes, also called bullion.

To make physical purchases, you may choose between coins and bars or buy both. Coins are easy investments to make because they are issued by governments every year in mint condition and in large quantities.

You cannot buy them close to the spot price of gold, however, because the design and production of these coins adds numismatic value to their bullion price. But in the long run, coins with numismatic value are an interesting choice because the appeal of collectibles add a historical value that increase over time.

A General Rule of trading, applicable to Gold

Buy low and sell high. That is always good investment advice but it is not necessarily easy to put into action. The best thing to do is to avoid overreacting when there is a dip in the price of gold. Gold is a long term investment and a solid option to consider when economic crises arrive.

Yellow River Rare Coins is here to help you diversify your portfolio with the addition of gold.  We have inventory backed with the expertise to guide you into investing in gold coins and bullion.  Dick Quitmeyer’s experience and qualifications, in addition to our “one-on-one” personalized service make Yellow River the place to buy gold.

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