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Silver Coins

silver-1oz-sunshineminting-round-revRight now is a great time to diversify your investments and get into silver coins. Analysts state that the price of silver is set to skyrocket from current prices of $18.50 to $50.00 or higher. MSN Money sees silver coins as the hot new investment trend. In January the US Mint temporarily halted the sale of silver coins in response to what appeared to be a silver rush among investors snapping them up as a refuge from continuing economic uncertainty.

The top ten silver coins for investment at this time are:

  1. Silver American Eagles,
  2. Silver Canadian Maple Leafs,
  3. APMEX 1oz Fine Silver Rounds,
  4. Morgan Silver Dollars,
  5. Austrian Silver Philharmonics,
  6. APMEX 1/2oz Fine Silver Rounds,
  7. “Junk” Silver Dimes,
  8. “Junk” Silver Quarters,
  9. Mexican Silver Libertads, and
  10. Monarch Precious Metals 1/10oz Silver Rounds.

“Junk” Silver Coins are circulated pre-1965 US 90% silver coins. They are called “junk” silver coins because they have no collector value; their value is in the silver content. They can basically be considered as a bullion investment. When investing in silver coins, buyers have 3 basic choices of 90% silver half dollars; 1964 Kennedys, Ben Franklins, and Walking Liberty half-dollars. Half-dollars net more silver than do dimes and quarters because they were not circulated as much and therefore have less wear.

Half-dollars tend to carry a premium over dimes and quarters due to the higher net. Premiums on bags of silver coins will rise and fall based on whether the public is investing in silver or is a silver seller on balance. If you can handle the added bulk and weight of bags of 90% silver coins, then they should definitely be your first silver investing choice. When the public is investing heavily in silver, 90% coins pick up premiums. In past precious metals bull markets, premiums have been known to rise significantly.

Here at Yellow River Rare Coins, we can help you get into the silver market or add to your investments. You can check our constantly updated inventory to see what we have available. If you have any questions, we are always available to answer them. Our goal is to make your investment experience pleasant and profitable.

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