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Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 & 1921 with silver from the Comstock Lode in Nevada. It was the first standard silver dollar minted since production of the previous design, the Seated Liberty dollar, ceased due to the passage of the Coinage Act of 1873, which also ended the free coining of silver.

The coin is named for its designer, American Mint Engraver George T. Morgan. The coin depicts a portrait representing Liberty on one side, while the reverse shows an eagle with its wings outstretched.

In the early 1960s, a large amount of Morgan dollars flooded the market as they were found to be available from Treasury vaults and put on sale , including issues once thought rare. Individuals began purchasing large quantities of the pieces at face value, and eventually the Treasury ceased exchanging silver certificates for silver coin. Beginning in the 1970s, the Treasury conducted a sale of silver dollars minted at the Carson City Mint through the General Services Administration. In 2006, Morgan’s reverse design was used on a silver dollar issued to commemorate the old San Francisco Mint building.

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