Who I am and what I do.

I’m Richard (Dick) Quitmeyer, the principal owner of Yellow River Rare Coin Inc. which I’ve owned for over 40 years. I am located in Alexandria, Minnesota and will travel to your office, bank, or home to buy, sell, advise you, or appraise your collection. I’ve been involved with the hobby since the 1950’s when I was given a Silver Dollar as a birthday gift. Since then, my childhood hobby has grown into the full time coin business that I’ve enjoyed running for the last 40 years.
Today, I travel all across the country attending national and local coin shows, and have set up in over 23 states. This not only gives me the opportunity to locate really tough coins for your want list, but also makes it possible to liquidate collections and get the highest prices possible from the dealers that specialize in specific areas of the market.
The primary focus of Yellow River is better-date gold, early type, better bullion coins, and key date coins and currency with great eye appeal. However, I try very hard to maintain a full inventory– from inexpensive proof sets for the young collector to Investment quality coins for individuals looking to preserve wealth by diversifying their portfolio into hard assets. Lastly, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me– as I love to help! 


What I buy from the public

Below is a partial list of some of the material that I am always buying:

10c, 25c, 50c

All U.S. dimes, quarters and halves that have the date 1964 or older have a silver content of 90%. In addition, half dollars that are dated 1965 to 1970 contain 40% silver.

Gold coins

Gold coins dated 1933 and older are one of my specialties. The denominations that were minted in the U.S. include $1, $2-1/2, $3, $4, $5, $10, and $20, and they all contain 90% gold.

silver & gold bullion products

There are many types of silver and gold bullion bars and coins that I will purchase. Some of them are worth only their precious metal content and some carry a premium.


A ‘graded’ coin is one that has been certified by a third-party grading service as being authentic. Grades from 1-70 are then assigned according to the preservation level of the coin.

Sets of coins
in albums

One of the mainstays of the coin hobby has been to collect certain denominations of coins by date and mint mark and to store them in coin albums.

rolls, bags,
and bulk coins

I buy rolls of coins, original bags and bulk coins. I have the knowledge to sort through your coins and put them in order so that they can be quickly evaluated.

u.s. and world currency

I buy currency from all the countries of the world but am most interested in the U.S. large-sized notes which were issued before 1929. 


Coins have been minted in hundreds of countries for hundreds of years. I can use my knowledge to identify, grade, and value what you have.


Why you can be confident working with me

I have the experience, knowledge and reputation to serve you best!

1. Expertise and  experience

I’ve been in the business of coin dealing for over 40 years and have helped liquidate hundreds of collections and estates in Minnesota and beyond. I have literally bought and sold millions of dollars worth of rare coin over the years. In that time, I’ve handled just about every precious and rare item that there is to find in the hobby, including a coin worth $200,000!
I have taken many courses and seminars at the American Numismatic Association in Advanced Coin Grading, Counterfeit Detection, Coin Alterations, and other courses. All of these classes were taught by the top coin graders in the industry. (This is the venue where the Secret Service educates their agents.)

2. A great network

I am a nationally-known dealer and have developed a large network of dealers that I buy and sell with.
I currently am or have been a member of the following numismatic organizations:

• Life Member American Numismatic Association for 25+ years
Life Member of the National Silver Dollar Round Table
• Member of CAC, PCGS, NGC, ANACS
• Michigan State Numismatic Society
• Minnesota Organization of Numismatists
• Illinois Numismatic Society – ILNA
• Member of many Facebook Groups
• Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) – past member

• Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) 

3. Courteous professionalism

Treating customers how I would like to be treated myself has helped to build a solid reputation over the years. Integrity and kindness are important when dealing with members of the public as well as with other dealers.

How it Works

It’s easy to sell
your collection

Just give me a call, make an appointment, and I’ll be glad to meet with you at your home, bank, or office. From there, I will appraise your collection, and then make a fair offer. Initial consultations are free, but I also do formal appraisals for a fee.

1. Call to make an appointment

My phone number is (612) 986-2566. You can also contact me with the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

2. I’ll sort, grade, and value your coins

There are generally three piles that I sort coins into: face value coins, material that is only worth its precious metal content, and coins that have a numismatic premium. The better coins have a premium and the value depends on the date, mint mark, and condition. I use my years of experience as a coins grader to evaluate the coin and then look in the price guide for the value. 
NOTE: please don’t clean your coins as it takes down the value!

3. I will make you an offer

The next step is to total up the value of your collection and make a fair offer to you.

4. I will pay you right away

If you decide to sell, I’ll make immediate payment to you!

Fill your ‘want lists’

 I can find coins
for your collection

No matter what coin you are looking for, it can probably be found for you. I have a large inventory of nice coins and if I don’t have it I’m confident I can acquire it through my network of dealer associates around the country.


Consignments, consulting,

auction repping, and coin grading submissions

Some of the other services offered for a fee include selling your coins on consignment, consulting and advising you on the building of your collection, listing your coins or representing you at major auctions, and sending your coins into the major third-party coin grading services for authentication and grading. Call for details.

How to buy

How to purchase coins from Yellow River Rare Coins

I travel regularly to coins shows around Minnesota and in other states and would be happy to let you know my coin show schedule. Otherwise, give me a call and let me know what your collecting needs are. If I don’t have those items in stock, I will add them to your want list. Check out my online store by clicking the button below.

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